Frequently Asked Questions



What do I need to do to have my personalized art done?


You just need to choose your favourite picture that you will send to us and we will turn it into a personalized artwork for you.  Alternatively, you can visit our workshop in Nicosia and place your order in person.



What kind of pictures can I use?  Which photos work best?


Any picture can be used.  However, the result will be better for photos with good lighting, contrast and sharpness.  At any case, we will make every effort to make an artwork that you will be happy with regardless of the quality of the photo that you will send to us.



What is the best way to send you my photo?


There are two ways that you can send your photo:  either by e-mail or by normal mail.  An e-mail attachment is the quickest way.  Please make sure that the resolution of the photo is high.  In case you have older film picture, you can scan it to you computer and then send it to us.  The size of the attachment can be upto 1MB.  If you choose to send your picture by normal mail, simply place it in an envelope with something sturdy to keep the picture from bending and mail it to: SS Coloursetc Ltd, 22A Vyzantiou street, Makedonitissa, 2413 Nicosia, Cyprus.



How do I place an order?


Placing an order is really easy.  The first time you want to place an order, you have to sign up by following simple instructions on the screen.  For follow up orders you simply have to log in.



How much time do you need to complete my order?


We will send you a proof within 3 working days.  Once we get your approval, the final artwork will be finalized and ready for shipment within 10 working days or less.  Byzantine icons require about a month to complete.



Are sizes fixed of can I order a custom size?


There are fixed sizes but you can choose any other size you wish.



Can two or more photos be combined into one portrait?


There is no problem for us to make any combination of photos.



Will I see a proof of my order before you ship it to me?


Yes, we will send you an e-mail attachment of a proof for your review and acceptance.  At this stage we can make and changes to meet your request.



How do I approve the artwork before it is finalized?


We will e-mail you the final proof in JPG format for your approval.



How do I pay for my order?


You can pay through PayPal or by credit card.



How do you deliver my order?  Do you ship internationally?  How much does delivery cost?


Your artwork will be delivered by Data Post of courier service.  We do ship to all countries worldwide.  The cost of delivery depends on the weight of the artwork and will be shown before the item is placed into cart.